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2021 Traveller's Choice Award 2021

We are so proud to receive the 2021 Tripadvisor #TravelersChoice2021 award given to restaurants that consistently deliver fantastic experiences to travelers around the globe and are ranked within the top 10% of restaurant worldwide.

In this particularly challenging year, we stood out by providing great service and experiences to our guests.

THIS FOR US IS A GREAT RECOGNITION BECAUSE THEY BASED THE AWARD FROM THE PEOPLE WHO HAD LUNCH AND DINNER AT Carca Restobar. As the saying goes "you cant please everyone " but im greatful to received good feedbacks, reviews and kind words to all our customers. Your kind words and good reviews........ thats the reason why we are still hangin on, THANK YOU and Thank you to TRIPVISOR management.



NOT EXPECTING BUT HOPING. I was happy when we got nominated, and now Carca Restobar is one of the finalist!, couldn't be more happier and grateful.

I'm not expecting to win coz I know that we are competing with restaurants who's been in the business for years, who are already stablished. But I'm Hoping and praying to win, who knows, maybe the judges will see how we made it amidst the covid situation, how we are giving the quality service and food in our restaurant and maybe they can see how you feel at home when you are at carca restaurant thank you again to those who voted for us. We are now in round 2! #hoping #praying #godswill GRACIAS!

Finalists are selected based on the number of online and printed nominations they receive in their specific category, the most popular businesses will be selected.

Finalist businesses will be notified of their selection by the Local Business Awards by email or telephone. Finalists will received a Finalist Pack that includes an Invitation to the Local Business Awards Gala Presentation Evening, a Certificate, the Judging Criteria and General Information about the Awards.

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